Rain, Rain, Go Away


The rain is a beautiful thing...when I get to watch it from my window, or listen to it on my front porch. But traveling in the rain is not the business! My baby and I stood on the bus stop for 30 minutes and got soaked! He didn't seem to mind though. He just went right along singing Bingo and shaking the water off of this favorite umbrella. But then as I made my way to school (thank God my 10 o'clock was cancelled) I got stuck on a bus with this loser of a bus driver who had the air on, like everyone else except her wasn't nice and wet. I just knew it was going to rain yesterday but it didn't. && the first day I've had to work in almost 2 weeks it looks think it's going to rain all day long. Hopefully it stops before the sun goes down so I don't freeze my tail off on my way home.

Lord, please bless me with a car...

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