You make my heart feel super happy!!


sorry for the delay...my computer got a virus :(
anyway...as of today I am 2 1/2 cm and her head is down low
so come out whenever your ready miss, we're waiting for you!!
If God wanted me otherwise, God would have created me otherwise


and the countdown continues....

born day

Happy Birthday Love!!!!
Hope you had a wonderful day ♥


blast from the past

Do you remember this?? I used to love this place!!!


I finally plugged in my fridge && I can't wait to go to the market so I can fill it with snacks!!
I know, sounds fat doesn't it?.....oh well it is what it is lol.
this is actually a stolen pic (thanks yoooeverette) and i aspire to have such wonderful things in my fridge lol...minus the cheese && mustard && the $5 a bottle Fiji water lmao
I'll stick with my lovely Deer Park

funny shit

OMG...it's 2:52 (I had no idea it was that late) and I can't sleep.
For the first time ever I'm watching Chelsea Lately...how come nobody told me she was this flippin funny?? She is stupid funny and I recommend that you ALL watch her!

&& my countdown begins...

so... I have 24 more days til my sunshine arrives, but I'm hoping it's less then that

my new ♥

So I finished this off tonight && I totally plan on going to get some more tomorrow!!! It's the flippin best!!! Too bad it's only available Sept-Dec