oh how I crave thee...
along with a Welch's peach soda


This is who my stinky man picked to be for Halloween this year. I took him to party city and let him pick it out all by himself although idk why he picked Buzz...he's only seen Toy Story once and he didn't seen too interested. But hey, I guess it stuck. && if he likes it I love it!!
I'm so excited...my man actually understands the concept of trick-or-treating this year and can basically do it on his own. No more carrying him up the steps and ringing door bells for him...awww, my man is growing up. tear, tear.
I just wanted to say...I REALLY MISSED YOU GUYS!!!!!
Even tho I think Pear is my only reader lol but its cool. I really enjoy blogging and I feel bad for not doing it in forever...this time I wont stay away so long. PROMISE.....cross my heart hope it die...or get a computer virus lol


These are the new So In Style barbies and I love them. I think they are really pretty & I'm glad they look different then the classic barbie...but is it me or could they have picked a better name for this line of barbies? So In Style......S.I.S for short they are calling them. Wth?? Really...even I feel some type of way about that one.


Ok...as I was making my baby shower registry on Walmart.com I came across this. Granted it is a nice picture, is this supposed to be believable? Idk. It made me laugh

This one is slightly more believable but still...what are they trying to do here?