Retail Therapy

I am in serious need of a shopping trip because I can no longer fit my clothes! && on top of that I need to do laundry...

So today I feel like I belong back in middle school. I had to pull out my airbrushed t-shirt ( a big ass Winnie the Pooh with my name under it) from the back of my closet. && the worst part is...I been walkin around campus with it on all day like I'm the shit! lol cuz guess what?? I AM! fuck it, if they don't like it they can kiss my ass....how bout those apples

Luckly, mom sees that nothing fits && she's gonna make me go shopping sooner or later (hopefully sooner lol). I just hope she's buying. Cuz when I say a chick is broke...a chick is BROKE!

D.O.A....I think not

Sorry Jay but I'm loving the whole auto-tune movement

Or maybe I just love T-Pain...idk lol

&& I love love LOVE Ellen!!!

Hey, do you think they matched on purpose??


God must have a really good plan for this one....

Even the kiddies love her!!

How cute is this?

&& this is why she won best video of the year!

Obama Mania

I mean I love Obama too but this is a bit much...


The Miracle of Life

So Daddy finally felt our little princess move last night, and I can tell already they are gonna be really close. As soon as he put his hand on my belly she just started kicking away.

Also he told me he was sorry he couldn't take me shopping for maternity clothes, but he had to start shopping for his daughter. I just laughed and said "yea, ok". I'm so excited to have somebody going through this with me who is just as excited as me to see her pretty face.
Unfortunately, it wasn't quite like that my first go round. But I've found a good one this time who's man enough to take care of them both...I wake up every morning and thank God for all the blessing he has given me.


My Sunshine

I've sung this song to my baby since the day he was born...and now he sings it to me!!
Gosh I being a mommy!!!

I ♥ him

Mr. Trey Songz had me in a lovey dovey kinda mood today...


Aren't they just the cutest??
My midget && the Jolly Green Giant lmao
I ♥ you guys!!!

Late Night Fantasies

Now this is what I really want!!!

I should make up a new song...what would you do-oo-oo for a snickers bar?!

You just don't know!....too bad my booski is somewhere over west. Its kinda late for all that anyway. Might wake up tomorrow 3 lbs. heavier lol and I would NOT be happy about that.


So I just watched this video on Youtube about a marshmallow test (my baby would have eaten it as soon as you turned your back lol) and it was the cutest thing to watch. You could just tell it was so hard for them not to eat the marshmallow....

But anyway now I had the worst craving in the world for a big bag of fluffy marshmallows...time to call the hubby and send him on a late night trip to the market to feed my preggo cravings. Oh Lord, this is just the beginning.


Gay or not he is still a dude && he's getting his ass whooped by a chick

&& instead of taking it like a man he pulls out her track??


A Mess!!

I've seen this story a few times in the last couple days and I've decided to put my 2 cents in...I'm glad he apologized and realizes he was wrong but those poor babies could have been killed!! That is one of the stupidest and most irresponsible things a person could ever do. && I most definitely think he should go to jail for it...not forever but he definitely deserves some time.

Give me your thoughts && opinions folks.


Affion Crockett is a fool lol

....as Anthony sings the real words in the background hehe


I love it...


Well this is umm...interesting lol

The shape up is mean though

Laugh of the Day

I didn't really find this interesting, until I scrolled down and saw the sad face...
Had me dying laughing!!!

Can You Say Preggo?

OMG she's huge!!!
But she still looks FABULOUS in that dress!!!!



that is soo nasty!!



Yea...he pretty much summed it up for me.


outta the mouth of babes

too much free time

This is what happens when you mix alcohol with way to much free time!!!


Parlez-vous Francais?


Off to learn Francais....adios! tehe

Be back around umm 1ish

Love ya

Rain, Rain, Go Away


The rain is a beautiful thing...when I get to watch it from my window, or listen to it on my front porch. But traveling in the rain is not the business! My baby and I stood on the bus stop for 30 minutes and got soaked! He didn't seem to mind though. He just went right along singing Bingo and shaking the water off of this favorite umbrella. But then as I made my way to school (thank God my 10 o'clock was cancelled) I got stuck on a bus with this loser of a bus driver who had the air on, like everyone else except her wasn't nice and wet. I just knew it was going to rain yesterday but it didn't. && the first day I've had to work in almost 2 weeks it looks think it's going to rain all day long. Hopefully it stops before the sun goes down so I don't freeze my tail off on my way home.

Lord, please bless me with a car...


Total Praise

So I was never really a big Fantasia fan but I am loving this one. Made me wish it was a Sunday morning instead of a Thursday night. && it was def what I needed to hear right about now.


Honestly idk how I feel about all of this foolishness.

At 1st I was on Kate's side, and I was so mad at him for breaking up their happy home and leaving those beautiful babies like that.

They were my role model family. I was inspired to be like them...well not anymore.

This interview just reiterated to me that everyone is human && I just can't automatically take up for Kate. I'm sure she had some part in this as well.

Now I don't care who's fault it was, I just want ppl to leave them alone and mind there own business. I feel so bad for those kids. I can only imagine the things they are going through. It must be horrible.

But since America is more concerned with what happens in your household instead of their own, this story will continue to be a media feeding frenzy until they squeeze every last drop of good gossip out of it.

Get a life people!!!

Stinka Man

You gotta love him!

all in God's hands

Most of you already know that this is my new bundle of joy...but Tuesday morning I got a call from the doctor's office no expecting mother wants to get. && the wosrt part about it is they won't tell me exactly what's going on. Now, I have to wait another 3 weeks to find out the fate of my baby girl! This is going to be the longest 3 weeks of my life!! I thought it was bad having to wait to find out the sex...but its way different knowing something might be wrong with her. And what makes it worst is that I've been putting on a front for her daddy like nothing's wrong and everything will be ok, as if we had nothing to worry about. But the truth is...I'm scared to death. But I can only pray for God's will and know that he wouldn't give me anything I can't handle. Of course I am also praying for a healthy baby but I will love her NO MATTER WHAT. How could I not?! I love her already and I haven't even seen her face...but I don't need to. She's mine and that's all that matters!



So......I've been saying for the longest time I was gonna make one of these, && here it is. And its all thanks to my girl P. Before I started reading her blog I knew NOTHING about this whole other blogging world. But I love it!!! I just hope my blog will be as successful as hers is.