all in God's hands

Most of you already know that this is my new bundle of joy...but Tuesday morning I got a call from the doctor's office no expecting mother wants to get. && the wosrt part about it is they won't tell me exactly what's going on. Now, I have to wait another 3 weeks to find out the fate of my baby girl! This is going to be the longest 3 weeks of my life!! I thought it was bad having to wait to find out the sex...but its way different knowing something might be wrong with her. And what makes it worst is that I've been putting on a front for her daddy like nothing's wrong and everything will be ok, as if we had nothing to worry about. But the truth is...I'm scared to death. But I can only pray for God's will and know that he wouldn't give me anything I can't handle. Of course I am also praying for a healthy baby but I will love her NO MATTER WHAT. How could I not?! I love her already and I haven't even seen her face...but I don't need to. She's mine and that's all that matters!

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